New Atlanticist

May 30, 2023

Five more years for Erdogan. What’s first on his agenda?

By Atlantic Council experts

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just won another five-year term in office. Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the pressing issues his administration faces.

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New Atlanticist

May 30, 2023

China is trading more with Russia—but so are many US allies and partners

By Josh Lipsky, Niels Graham

A number of countries have increased their trade with Russia since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, including non-aligned countries and even some EU members.

China Economic Sanctions

Fast Thinking

May 28, 2023

What the world should expect from Erdogan now

By Atlantic Council

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan triumphed in his re-election bid on Sunday. Our experts break down what to expect next on the war in Ukraine, NATO enlargement, Syria, and more.

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May 27, 2023

Exploring the secrets of Ukraine’s successful wartime diplomacy

By Yuna Potomkina

Over the past 15 months, Ukraine has built an international coalition of partners prepared to arm the country against Russia's invasion. This unprecedented diplomatic success offers important lessons, writes Yuna Potomkina.

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May 27, 2023

Ukraine must reduce role of state in the economy to boost EU integration

By David Clark

Ukraine has conducted a number of nationalizations as part of the war effort but the state should now be looking to reduce its role in the Ukrainian economy in order to advance the process of EU integration, writes David Clark.

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New Atlanticist

May 26, 2023

Here’s what to expect on China, AI, green energy, and more when EU and US officials meet in Sweden

By Atlantic Council

At an upcoming two-day meeting in Luleå, the US and EU may announce joint action on some of their biggest common challenges in trade and technology.

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May 25, 2023

Russian narratives ignore real reasons for Western support of Ukraine

By Richard Cashman

Russian attempts to explain away Western support for Ukraine with conspiracy theories and outdated arguments are falling flat as the democratic world continues to oppose Moscow's invasion, writes Richard Cashman.

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New Atlanticist

May 25, 2023

Russian War Report: Belgorod incursion brings deluge of online mockery of Russia’s defenses

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

After an anti-Putin Russian volunteer military unit attacked Belgorod, trolls and bloggers online viciously ridiculed Russian defenses.

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New Atlanticist

May 25, 2023

How to hold the Assad regime accountable, even as countries normalize relations with Syria

By Elise Baker

There remains a slate of accountability tools for Syria, and certain avenues for seeking accountability may even be expanding with normalization.

Corruption Human Rights


May 25, 2023

Developing countries need a loss and damage fund for climate change. How can COP28 make it happen?

By Lama El Hatow

A L&D fund is the last lifeboat for these countries after decades of struggle to achieve some form of global climate justice.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment