A Strategic Update on the Republic of Congo

On Wednesday, February 10, the Africa Center hosted a strategic update on the Republic of the Congo. The event was originally planned featuring H.E. Pierre Oba, Minister of Mines and Geology. When the minister’s travel was disrupted, Ambassador Obinna Adim, Representative of the Republic of Congo, stepped in to deliver the minister’s prepared remarks and then took part in a high-level luncheon roundtable discussion with participants, moderated by Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham.

Adim’s remarks highlighted the Republic of Congo’s recent efforts to contribute to regional stability and diversify its economy. In particular, Adim provided a brief overview of the upcoming national elections and underscored the importance of developing and supporting the next generation of political leadership in Africa. Discussion focused on future economic opportunities in the Republic of Congo and the government’s perspective on ongoing regional security threats.

Other participants at the event included the Honorable W. Stuart Symington IV, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central Africa and African Security Affairs; the Honorable Herman J. Cohen, former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (1989-1993); and the Honorable Bisa Williams, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (2013-2016).