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Aug 2, 2022

The global slowdown: Why Sub-Saharan Africa is so important

By Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou and Naomi Aladekoba

The global community, with the leadership of the IMF and the World Bank, needs to focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. While the population in countries that have moved into the high-income and upper middle-income categories are now aging rapidly, Sub-Saharan Africa is home to one of the world’s youngest population structure. In addition to lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in this region, sustained and inclusive growth over the next two decades in Sub-Saharan Africa could contribute to the growth in the global economy.

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Jul 27, 2022

Maliha Khan quoted in Top Africa News: Women Deliver announces WD2023 conference theme and opens registration at One-Year-Out

By Atlantic Council

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Jul 25, 2022

Hackers, Hoodies, and Helmets: Technology and the changing face of Russian private military contractors

By Emma Schroeder, Gavin Wilde, Justin Sherman, and Trey Herr

Table of contents Introduction PMCs in Russian international security strategy and the influence of technology Training military forces abroadResource securityCombat missionsPolitical warfare Accessing offensive cyber and information technologies in the PMC community Where do PMCs go from here? About the authors Introduction The first time Russia invaded Ukraine in the twenty-first century, the Wagner Group […]

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Jul 20, 2022

Nelson Mandela’s unfinished legacy

By Alexander Tripp

Mandela Day recognizes not only a great world leader, but also the value of African voices on the international stage.

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Jul 19, 2022

Khan in The New Times: Women Deliver 2023 Conference: Why Rwanda?

By Atlantic Council

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Jul 18, 2022

For Africa, economic growth and sustainability intersect

By William Tobin, Maia Sparkman

African countries stand to benefit greatly from the development of their gas resources. Doing so would increase emissions minimally in the immediate term while creating the market conditions and the infrastructure necessary for the expansive deployment of renewables.

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Jul 16, 2022

Gering and Thibaut on the China in Africa Podcast

On July 16, 2022, Global China Hub fellow Tuvia Gering and Digital Forensic Research Lab resident China fellow Kenton Thibaut appeared on the China in Africa Podcast to discuss China’s discourse power in Africa and the Global South. More about our experts

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Ukrainian forces deploy a HIMARS precision rocket launching system on July 5, 2022. (Source: EYEPRESS via Reuters Connect)

New Atlanticist

Jul 8, 2022

Russian War Report: Ukraine uses HIMARS effectively to hit Russian ammo dumps

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Ukranian forces are using M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to systematically target Russian ammunition storage facilities behind the frontlines.  

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Jul 8, 2022

Europe’s Green Deal plan is Africa’s green finance opportunity

By Emilie Bel

Can natural gas and nuclear power be green? “Sometimes, and for a limited period of time,” said the European Parliament on July 6, as part of an ongoing negotiation over the EU taxonomy, a key component of the European Green Deal (EGD). The EGD is the European Union’s ambitious plan to create the first emissions-neutral […]

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Jul 1, 2022

Renewing transatlantic partnerships with Africa

As the world grapples with pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the war in Ukraine, there is an urgent need for Africa, Europe, and the United States to work more closely than ever before on their common challenges in order to build a more secure and equitable future for all.

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