America’s Role in the World with Anders Fogh Rasmussen

In his book The Will To Lead, Secretary General Rasmussen reviews current geopolitical events — the Arab Spring, the Iranian nuclear deal, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the invasion of Ukraine — and critically analyzes the strategy and decision-making of Prseident Obama and his secretaries of state. Rasmussen looks at past presidents to identify the indispensible components of presidential leadership on the global stage, and shares his personal assessments of leaders he has come to know personally, including Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Most important, he offers a bold plan for a strengthened American and European alliance, joined by like-minded liberal democracies such as Japan and Australia, to create a military, political, and economic bulwark against the forces of tyranny,

Following introductory remarks from Damon Wilson, the Atlantic Council’s executive vice president, Rasmussen discussed some of the key arguments presented in his book. He was then joined by Politico‘s Julia Ioffe, who questioned him further on what he perceives America’s role in the world to be. The Council held a book signing with Secretary General Rasmussen following the discussion.

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Image: Secretary General Rasmussen discusses the importance of a strong American- European alliance with Politico’s Julia Ioffe.