On October 11, 2011, the Transatlantic Relations Program hosted a discussion with Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Igor Lukšić. Prime Minister Lukšić is steering Montenegro’s steady course toward Euro-Atlantic integration, making NATO and European Union (EU) membership a top priority for his administration. Montenegro became an EU candidate in 2010, and it is currently the only country in addition to Macedonia with Membership Action Plan status, a milestone for Montenegro’s future membership. The discussion took place on an auspicious date, coming just hours after the formal notice from Brussels that the EU is now ready to open accession negotiations with Montenegro.

Prime Minister Lukšić outlined his ambitious reform agenda, addressing topics from Montenegro’s economic growth to the challenges of ensuring the rule of law. He emphasized that he sees Montenegro’s economic goals and foreign policy as intertwining: Adhering to EU and NATO membership goals has bolstered Prime Minister Lukšić’s economic agenda at home, and he hopes a European future for Montenegro will help his nation serve as an anchor of peace and stability in the Western Balkans.

Igor Lukšić is currently the youngest head of government in the world. Widely seen as a pro-Western reformer, he was first elected to the Montenegrin Parliament in 2001. He has since served as public relations adviser to the prime minister, as finance minister, and as deputy prime minister. A proponent of social media, he regularly blogs in Montenegrin and English.

A discussion with

Igor Lukšić
Prime Minister of Montenegro

Moderated by

Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council

Introduction by

Robert Gelbard
Gelbard International Consulting




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