On April 16, 2015, the Atlantic Council hosted members of the German Federal Armed Services Committee of the Bundestag for a discussion on Germany’s evolving role in transatlantic security and the future of US-German relations.

Germany is uniquely positioned to shape the future trajectory of both the EU and NATO at a time when the transatlantic community must grapple with a rapidly changing and increasingly unpredictable security environment. As one of Europe’s strongest economic powers, Germany’s leadership through five years of economic turmoil in the Eurozone has been unprecedented. Even more unprecedented have been Germany’s expanded role in European and international security, taking an instrumental role in the negotiations of the Minsk II agreement, supplying and training Kurdish forces combatting ISIS, all the while maintaining its commitments to multiple NATO missions.

Committee members and representatives in the Bundestag including Dr. Hans-Peter Bartels, Mr. Henning Otte, Mr. Ingo Gädechens, Mrs. Gisela Manderla, Mr. Rainer Arnold, and Mrs. Agnieszka Brugger, convened at the Atlantic Council to meet with experts from the US government, private sector, academia, and US Congress.