Gordan Jandrokovic: Croatia and Southeast Europe in NATO

Gordan Jandroković, Croatia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, joined the Atlantic Council for a conversation on Southeast Europe’s prospects for integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions. Minister Jandroković provided his views on NATO’s new Strategic Concept and the future of NATO and EU enlargement.  He also discussed Croatia’s contributions to the NATO operation in Afghanistan.

The event was moderated by Ambassador Robert Gelbard, an Atlantic Council Board member and chairman of Washington Global Partners.  Minister Jandroković’s remarks were part of the International Security Program’s NATO Forum, the Euro-Atlantic community’s premier venue for discussion, debate and analysis on issues relating to NATO and its future. The Forum features major public speeches from senior statesmen, roundtable strategy sessions with decision-makers and leading analysis from experts and practitioners from across the Atlantic on matters relating to the Alliance.

Gordan Jandroković Bio:

Mr. Jandroković was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in 2008.  Prior to this appointment, he served as a Member of the Croatian Parliament from 2003 to 2007 with notable responsibilities.  During his tenure in parliament, Mr. Jandroković served as Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee and was head of the parliamentary delegation to the Croatia-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee.  Minister Jandroković is a member of the Croatian Democratic Union party.

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