On Monday, November 15th, 2010, the Atlantic Council’s International Security Program hosted a roundtable discussion on NATO-Russia Missile Defense Cooperation with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Space and Defense Policy, Frank A. Rose.

This off-the-record event assembled some of Washington’s and the Atlantic Council’s senior experts, just days before the Lisbon Summit.  In a candid discussion, moderated by Senior Fellow Ian Brzezinski, Deputy Assistant Secretary Rose discussed the Obama Administration’s progress in NATO-Russia Missile Defense Cooperation thus far.  On both a bilateral and multilateral level, Frank Rose discussed the prospects for future success and future challenges facing NATO and the U.S. in securing a mutually beneficial missile defense posture with Russia. 

This discussion built on the Atlantic Council’s conference on transatlantic missile defense on October 12th, where Deputy Assistant Secretary Rose delineated ways in which the PAA has increased the potential for transatlantic missile defense cooperation with Russia through the NATO-Russia Council. In his current capacity as Deputy Assistant Secretary, Frank Rose is responsible for advising Under Secretary Ellen Tauscher on key issues related to missile defense, military space policy, and conventional arms control.

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