On November 18th, the Transatlantic Relations Program hosted a discussion with Dr. Sergey Rogov, director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences and a delegation from the Center for US-Russia Rapprochement.

 The delegation included Colonel-General (ret.) Viktor Esin, Former Chief of Staff of Strategic Forces; David Iakobashvili, President of the Russia-US Business Council; Eugene Savostianov, Former Deputy Head of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The discussion was moderated by Atlantic Council vice president Fran Burwell and focused on arms control and ballistic missile defense as well as areas where cooperation between the United States and Russia could be improved.

Dr. Rogov is a well-known expert on arms control, missile defense, and US-Russia relations. He is the head of the International Advisory Board of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and a current member of the Advisory Council of the Foreign Ministry.