On Tuesday, May 16, the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, in partnership with the Enough Project, hosted Nathalia Dukhan, Field Researcher and Analyst for the Enough Project, for a private roundtable discussion on the current situation in the Central African Republic (CAR).

CAR has experienced waves of sectarian violence since 2013, destabilizing an already weak state and displacing thousands of people. Durkhan discussed her research on the status of the numerous armed factions operating across the country, the various landholdings they occupy, and the barriers they pose to reintegration and reconciliation efforts.

The discussion that followed focused on regional dynamics that influence the conflict in CAR, policy instruments that could be used to place pressure on the leaders of armed groups, and the ability of humanitarian organizations to operate and deliver fundamental aid in the country. Africa Center Deputy Director Bronwyn Bruton moderated the discussion.