Seminar: Disinformation in electoral contexts

On February 19, 2019, the Atlantic Council in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius organized a seminar on the threats of disinformation in electoral contexts. Information influence campaigns presenting challenges or threats to public elections are an increasing concern in Sweden, Lithuania and the rest of the EU.

Sweden and Lithuania, both being members of the EU, as well as wider international community, are sharing the responsibility for peace and security. The latter also means jointly addressing attempts to create division and instability in our societies. Therefore, in the light of the upcoming elections in Lithuania this year and mutually shared responsibility of the European Parliament election, the organizers took the initiative to gather Swedish and Lithuanian decision-makers, experts, civil servants, civil society and media representatives to share their experiences and discuss the most efficient ways in countering disinformation and combating information influence operations.

Related Experts: Anna Wieslander

Image: Photo credit: Swedish embassy in Lithuania