Constance Berry Newman

  • Equipping Africa’s Primary School Learners for the Future

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    Education remains a crucial component of economic development and poverty reduction. Primary education is especially important, as it provides students with the foundational skills necessary to continue with advanced education and participate in local and global economies. Collectively, educational benefits extend beyond individuals to benefit broader communities.


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  • Roundtable with Louis Mazel

    On Tuesday, June 27, the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center hosted a roundtable discussion with Mr. Louis Mazel, former chargé d’affaires at the embassy of the United States to the State of Eritrea.

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  • Ukraine at Twenty-Five

    Twenty-five years ago, after seventy years of Soviet dominance and over three hundred years of rule by Russia, Ukraine declared its independence. This occurred after a national referendum in which over 90 percent of Ukraine’s voters chose independence. Every part of the country, including Crimea—which at that time had a population that was over 60 percent ethnic Russian—chose independence by a majority vote. 
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  • Worried About Brexit? No, Scared, Says Ukraine’s Former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

    “I’m not worried [about Brexit]. I’m scared,” said Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the Atlantic Council on June 30. In one of his first public appearances in Washington since stepping down as Ukraine’s prime minister on April 14, Yatsenyuk urged Europe to get its act together. Brexit, he said, is a “huge geopolitical crisis”: the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU could split the union, weaken Europe, trigger a domino effect, and undermine trust and confidence in the European idea among Ukrainians. “We need a united Europe,” he said.

    Like other reformers, Yatsenyuk is counting on Ukrainians’ strong desire to join Europe as a means to incentivize continued legislative reform and clean up the country.

    Ukraine has another stake in the EU game, as well, Yatsenyuk pointed out. The EU will extend its punishing sanctions on Russia, although there...

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  • Pham and Newman: Nigeria's Big Decision

    Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham and Africa Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Constance Berry Newman write for US News on the "perfect storm" of circumstances surrounding the upcoming Nigerian presidential election:

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