Global Missile Defense

An initiative shaping the transatlantic debate on global missile defense architectures by bringing together leading experts and senior government officials from across the world.
  • Metzl Joins CNN to Discuss Chinese response to North Korean Missile Testing

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  • Global Missile Defense Conference

    Attempting to defend Europe against a Russian ballistic missile attack would be "extremely challenging and costly," according to the State Department's top missile defense official. Frank Rose, Assistant Secretary of State, said that "the size and sophistication of Russia's strategic missile force" outweighs US and NATO defense interceptors otherwise "available to defend against such a large force." Rose's comments came at the Atlantic Council's Annual Missile Defense Conference on June 25.

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  • Panel Recap: “Ensuring Effective Missile Defense in the Future”

    Ten to twenty years from now, the requirements for missile defense will confront a future that is increasingly complex and dynamic. And that complexity and dynamism play a strong role in creating uncertainty for how to plan a future for effective missile defense. What are the technologies that will shape missile defense operations in the future? What needs to be done to ensure that missile defense is a viable and sufficiently effective military operation in the future in the medium and long-term future?
    These are some of the questions experts explored as part of a missile defense panel entitled "Ensuring Effective Missile Defense in the Future."

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  • Missile Defense in the Asia Pacific

    The conversation of this panel focused on strategic level issues of US engagement in the Asia-Pacific, the Asian perspective of missile defense, efforts from Congress to address this issue, and the geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific theater that affects US missile defense.

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  • US Missile Defense Systems Must Adapt to Emerging High-Tech Threats

    New dangers abound, from Russia to Iran to Asia-Pacific, warns Gen. James Cartwright

    Growing technological sophistication by countries and terrorist groups hostile to the United States are forcing the Pentagon to change long-held views about missile defense, said Gen. James E. Cartwright, Former Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    “The landscape has changed from pure ballistic activity to one that is far more difficult and far more precise. Therefore, the threat has increased,” Cartwright warned June 25 in a speech kicking off the Atlantic Council’s conference, “The United States and Global Missile Defense 2015.”

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  • Full Coverage of the The United States and Global Missile Defense Conference

    The United States and Global Missile Defense Conference

    June 25, 2015 in Washington, DC


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  • BRAC for Better Business

    The Pentagon needs a comprehensive rethinking of its public and private industrial support.

    The US Congress isn’t allowing another Base Realignment and Closure process (BRAC). People at the Pentagon aren’t even supposed to think about it, at least not on the job. But at least the House version of the 2016 authorization bill does require yet another comprehensive review of "force-structure plans and infrastructure inventory.” Infrastructure sounds like BRAC, and the need for another round hasn’t receded. But better yet would be factoring the Defense Department’s business needs into another BRAC, so that public and private capacity can be better balanced for future needs.

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  • Four questions on the LRS-B

    Part One—How survivable will today’s bomber be a decade on?

    In the next few days, the US Air Force will release its request for proposals for its long-planned Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B). Two proposals are expected: one from a team of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and one from B-2 builder Northrop Grumman. The program should proceed quickly: Speaking at an Atlantic Council event on 13 June, Assistant Secretary Bill LaPlante said that the Air Force could choose its contractor in early 2015. The aircraft is supposed to be built only with existing technology, and a great deal may have been developed in the past few years, as evidenced by those ...

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  • Winnefeld Voices Support for Missile Shield Tests at Atlantic Council Conference

    SpaceNews features comments about the US national missile shield made by the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. James Winnefeld, at the Atlantic Council's conference on US and Global Missile Defense on May 28, 2014:

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  • Missile Denfese Conference Featured

    The Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security's annual US and Global Missile Defense Conference was featured by Breaking Defense, highlighting the real-world limits when using lasers in missile defense:

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