African creatives

December 18, 2023

World-renowned Nigerien designer Alphadi spotlights African fashion on the global stage 

By Africa Center

Meet Alphadi. Born in Timbuktu, Mali, and raised in Niger, Alphadi was apprenticed in couture as a child. His work has brought global attention to African textiles, histories, and artistry. Over the course of his career, he has opened several boutiques across the world, including in Morocco, the United States, Ghana, Martinique, and Spain.  

In 1998, with the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), he founded the Festival International de la Mode Africaine (International Festival of African Fashion), a pan-African festival that brings together African countries and the global community to celebrate the importance of fashion. Today, he serves as the festival’s president. In 2016, Alphadi was appointed UNESCO artist for peace and in 2022, he was appointed goodwill ambassador for African innovation and creation for his efforts to promote cultural exchange and development across the continent. 

In this edition of the African creatives spotlight series, Alphadi calls upon global investors to commit to financing for Africa’s creative sector, seeing fashion as a tool for development and opportunity for young people on the continent.  

African creatives spotlight series

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