Dec 7, 2023

President Sisi’s third term will be his biggest challenge—not the upcoming Egyptian election 

By Shahira Amin

While it is certain that Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will win a third term, it is uncertain what will happen after the vote and when the Gaza war is over.

Elections Middle East


Dec 6, 2023

The Israeli right-wing is determined to prevent any discussion of a future Palestinian state

By Ksenia Svetlova

Uri Israel is not the only right-wing movement that speaks and acts against the Palestinian Authority and warns about the possible menace of its return to the Gaza Strip. 

Israel Middle East


Nov 30, 2023

COP28 is here. These are the Global South’s demands and expectations.

By Lama El Hatow

The COP28 negotiations will prove to be challenging given all the demands and expectations on the table in this COP.

Civil Society Energy & Environment


Nov 27, 2023

Why Israel has no imminent plans to wind down its war on Hamas

By Shalom Lipner

Motivation in Israel, where the trauma of October 7 is still palpable, remains high to persist until the eradication of Hamas and its capability to inflict harm on Israeli targets.

Israel Middle East


Nov 22, 2023

Islamic Resistance in Iraq appears to be responsible for attacks in the country and there’s no end in sight 

By Lizzie Porter

Iraq is witnessing part of the regional fallout from the Israel-Hamas war, and Iraqi bases housing US troops are feeling that most forcefully.

Iran Iraq


Nov 17, 2023

Iraq’s parliamentary speaker was removed. What’s next for the country?

By Abbas Kadhim

The current crisis dates back to May 2022, when Mohamed al-Halbousi removed one of his bloc’s members from parliament.

Elections Iraq


Nov 15, 2023

I covered the battle against ISIS in Mosul. Gaza’s challenges will make it look like child’s play.

By Arwa Damon

If there is something to be drawn from those lessons, it is that what Israel is doing right now will secure anything but peace and stability.

Iraq Israel


Nov 13, 2023

On a knife’s edge: How the conflict in Gaza could tip the scales in North Africa

By Karim Mezran

Western countries should take into consideration the ongoing tensions in North Africa to make their decision-making process regarding the events in Gaza more precise and holistic.

Conflict Israel


Nov 7, 2023

Iraq is at a crossroads. Will it choose its Shia militias or relations with the US?

By Sarkawt Shamsulddin

Iraq is facing a high-stakes balancing act that carries profound implications for its relations with the United States and regional stability.

Iraq Israel


Nov 6, 2023

The mouth of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah hath spoken—and nothing useful came out

By David Daoud

To avoid appearing weak against Israel to its supporters, Hezbollah is falling back on a pattern of using propaganda to cover its inaction against the Jewish state.

Israel Lebanon