Jan 7, 2022

I’m the former foreign minister of Yemen. My country is starving and needs the international community’s help.

By Khaled H. Alyemany

The situation in Yemen cannot be permitted to continue on its current trajectory. The international community must act immediately to remedy its issues and change the country’s course from disaster to diplomacy.

Conflict Middle East


Dec 21, 2021

At least three of Libya’s presidential candidates may not be fit for the role. Here’s who they are.

By Alia Brahimi

An examination of the most controversial presidential candidates out of a crowded field of ninety-eight reveals some of the complications embedded in the electoral process, and how the polls in Libya could unravel rather than realize its democratic promise.

Elections Libya


Dec 17, 2021

2021: A year in the Middle East

By Holly Dagres

2021 was a year full of impactful elections, historic anniversaries, and new challenges for the Middle East and North Africa.

Iran Iraq


Dec 16, 2021

Libya’s elections are on December 24. But should they be postponed?

By Karim Mezran

While electing representative governments may seem to be the most effective way to achieve greater freedom to many Western democracies, there are reasons to believe that holding elections in Libya now may create more violence after a decade of civil war.

Elections Libya


Dec 2, 2021

The failed assassination attempt on PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi is a reminder of Iraq’s deferred priorities

By Abbas Kadhim

The Iraqi government correctly recognized that the response to this assault on democracy shouldn’t involve unconstitutional and extra-judicial means, as this would essentially be aiding the perpetrators—whoever they might be—in accomplishing what they failed to impose by violence.

Iraq Middle East


Nov 29, 2021

Startups aren’t just hip. They’re also the key to unlocking youth unemployment in MENA.

By Mahmood Abdulla

The MENA region has a pressing unemployment challenge. While many attempts are underway to address this problem, the solution could lie in its growing startup scene.

Economy & Business Middle East


Nov 23, 2021

Chairman of Libya’s High National Election Commission: Libya doesn’t have the right environment for a referendum

By Tahani Elmogrbi

Tahani Elmogrbi, a Libya expert, interviewed High National Election Commission Chairman Dr. Emad Al-Sayah for the Atlantic Council’s North Africa Initiative, prior to the shakeup at the Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Technology Holding Company.

Elections Libya


Nov 22, 2021

Tunisia has a new government. How will challenges be addressed?

By Alissa Pavia, Karim Mezran, and Yaseen Rashed

The Atlantic Council’s North Africa Initiative asked several experts a series of questions on Tunisia’s situation. Here is how they answered.

Middle East North Africa


Nov 18, 2021

Israel is becoming a cybersecurity guarantor in the Middle East. Here’s how.

By Islam Alhalwany

Israel is becoming more of a security guarantor in the cyber field against Iran and other regional threats by filling the vacuum resulting from the US’s increasingly passive attitude towards the changing security dynamics in the region.

Israel Middle East


Nov 8, 2021

Experts React: Assassination attempt on Iraq’s prime minister

By Andrew L. Peek, Barbara Slavin, C. Anthony Pfaff, Thomas S. Warrick, Matthew Zais, Nathan Sales

Atlantic Council experts react to the news of the attack, assess the impact on Iraqi politics, and offer their analysis on how the international community may respond.

Iraq Middle East