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As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out and countries ration supplies for priority populations, vaccine inequality is the defining issue of 2021. Allocations both within and across countries face considerable scrutiny and creating equitable supply for developing countries remains a global concern. In their efforts to vaccinate their populations, African countries face an estimated financing gap of $9 billion. New, more highly-transmissible strains, such as the one that emerged in South Africa, make the need more urgent and the challenges more acute.

Pan-African organizations are leading the way in bridging the gaps and showing that African-grown solutions are cause for calibrated optimism. This is evidenced by the emergence of pan-African procurement platforms and the contributions of African development finance institutions, which are working hard to introduce innovative structures to catalyze the public and private sector response.

This event is part of the Africa Center’s Afro-Century Initiative, founded in partnership with the Africa Finance Corporation. The Initiative champions a novel coalition of African development finance institutions to forge a more authentic, optimistic narrative on Africa.


Dr. John Nkengasong

Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Prof. Benedict Oramah

President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
African Export-Import Bank

Ms. Loyce Pace

President and Executive Director
Global Health Council

Mr. Samaila Zubairu

President and Chief Executive Officer
Africa Finance Corporation

In conversation with

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