Over the past year, views on the trajectory of the Chinese economy have seen significant shifts. Initial expectations of a robust recovery post-zero-COVID have given way to increasing skepticism about the enduring strength of the Chinese economic model. We cordially invite you to join the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center and Rhodium Group on October 4 for the unveiling of the 2023 edition of our flagship China Pathfinder initiative. Our analysis draws a distinction between short-term cyclical factors and more profound structural dynamics within China’s economy, seeking to answer a key question: How does China’s economic system compare to market economies, and what has been the cost of forgoing economic reforms?

Over the Since 2021, teams from Rhodium Group and the Atlantic Council have been working to create a “shared language” for understanding the Chinese economy. China Pathfinder uses a quantitative framework to score China and other leading economies across six economic areas—financial system development, market competition, modern innovation system, trade openness, direct investment openness, and portfolio investment openness—and presents an objective picture of China’s convergence with or divergence from market economy norms.

Josh Lipsky, Senior Director of the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center, will give opening remarks. Daniel Rosen, Founding Partner of Rhodium Group and a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, will present the project’s key findings. 

This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Brad W. Setser, Whitney Shepardson senior fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations, Sun Yu, China Economics Reporter at the Financial Times, and Nargiza Salidjanova, Director of the China Projects Team at Rhodium Group.

Opening remarks

Josh Lipsky
Senior Director
Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center


Brad W. Setser
Whitney Shepardson senior fellow
Council on Foreign Relations

Sun Yu
China Economics Reporter
Financial Times

Nargiza Salidjanova
Director, China Projects Team
Rhodium Group

Daniel Rosen
Founding Partner
Rhodium Group
Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center

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