On May 16 in Istanbul, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY is proud to present the Turkey premiere of the Atlantic Council’s first-ever documentary Do Seagulls Migrate?, the compelling story of four courageous Syrian refugee women in Turkey.

The in-person program will begin with a reception at 18:00 Turkey time. This premiere is invitation only.

The human toll of the Syrian war is immeasurable as millions of displaced civilians, many of whom found refuge in neighboring countries, and struggled to survive and start over.

Do Seagulls Migrate? goes beyond the headlines of the global migration issue by following the stories of four women: Reem, Khloud (Hulud), Reem M., and Inam.

Through their stories, the documentary explores the Syrian refugee experience through human drama and resiliency. In the throes of an unfathomable conflict, each woman ends up in Turkey, which welcomed over 4 million refugees.

Do Seagulls Migrate? follows the complicated but triumphant journey that each refugee experiences through revealing and emotional interviews. No journey is the same, but the strength of these women is palpable in this vital and cinematic feature-length documentary.

Do Seagulls Migrate? is part of the migration work of the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY program. The documentary is currently competing in international film festivals. The documentary’s first screening took place at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in November 2021.

The documentary audio is in Arabic and presented with English subtitles.

The dress code is business attire.

About Do Seagulls Migrate?