In her new book Four Internets, Dame Wendy Hall outlines four principal schemes that govern how people understand Internet regulation and policy. In this GeoTech Hour, the author will be joined by Vinton Cerf of Google, who authored the book’s foreword; Teresa Carlson, President and Chief Growth Officer at Splunk; and more leaders in technology and Internet policy.

Please join the GeoTech Center for a robust and lively discussion about how the value systems and models that govern the Internet. How can we identify and manage these value systems? What challenges face the creation of a truly Open Internet? And how do these models impact Internet governance and policy?


Dame Wendy Hall
Regius Professor of Computer Science, Pro Vice-Chancellor for International Engagement, and Executive Director of the Web Science Institute
University of Southampton

Teresa Carlson
President and Chief Growth Officer

Vinton Cerf, PhD
VP and Chief Internet Evangelist

Tricia Wang, PhD
Sudden Compass

Derry Goberdhansingh
Founder and CEO
Harper Paige

Moderated by

David Bray, PhD
Distinguished Fellow, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Stephanie Wander
Acting Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

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