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Event description

Increasingly open societies face challenges to contain harmful content on social media and other digital networks that drives polarization and threatens public safety.  This problem is amplified by the misuse of technologies, clear vulnerabilities in handling content at scale during the pandemic, and the concentration of global power by private organizations, all of which makes it increasingly difficult for countries to reign in online harms.  The discussion asks:

  1. How does regulation need to evolve when it comes to content liability, data use, and overall user protection to create safer digital spaces whilst avoiding over-removal of content? How can this be coordinated globally?
  2. For content in clear violation of laws or content policies established by social platforms, how can we work across sectors to more quickly and effectively detect violations and enforce appropriate actions?
  3. What metrics and governance structures are needed to gauge progress on digital content safety across the industry?

This session will share and discuss varying perspectives from around the world on ways to improve digital trust and safety through more effective enforcement, governance, and regulation when it comes to harmful content online. This session is hosted by the Atlantic Council in collaboration the World Economic Forum.


Jessica Ashooh, PhD
Director of Policy

Sheldon Himelfarb, PhD
President and CEO
PeaceTech Lab

Jack Mellyn
Attorney Advisor, Competition Policy and Advocacy
US Department of Justice

Susan Ness
Distinguished Fellow
The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Sarah T. Roberts, PhD
Associate Professor, Co-Director, Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

Hosted by

David Bray, PhD
Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Farah Lalani
Community Lead, Media, Entertainment, and Sport
World Economic Forum

Kirstine Stewart
Head, Shaping the Future of Media, Sport, and Entertainment, Executive Committee Member
World Economic Forum

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