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Join the Atlantic Council on Friday, November 20 at 9:00 AM EST for a dynamic public discussion with experts as they discuss the future of US LGBTI foreign (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex) policy in a new presidential administration. As a new US administration transitions into the White House, the United States must shift gears and adopt a more thoughtful human rights and foreign policy approach, one that defends and supports LGBTI people and advocates for their full social, political, and economic equality. Returning to a human rights-based foreign policy paradigm is not only in America’s global interest, but also in line with the values that will shape and guide the achievements of the Biden-Harris Administration. Authors of a recently published Center for American Progress report will discuss five key ways in which US foreign policy can be reframed to support LGBTI inclusion and human rights around the world.


Introduced by

Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council

The Hon. Ed Markey
US Senator (D-MA)

The Hon. Dina Titus
US Congressional Representative (D-NV)

Report overview by

Phil Crehan
Independent Consultant, Social Inclusion and Economic Development 

Chloe Schwenke
Center for Values in International Development 

A conversation with

Susan Dicklitch-Nelson
Professor of Government
Franklin & Marshall College

Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn
Independent International Development Professional

Jay Gilliam
Security Fellow
Truman National Security Project

Sharita Gruberg
LGBTQ Research and Communications Project
Center for American Progress

Ryan Kaminski
Security Fellow
Truman National Security Project

Moderated by

Mark Bromley
Council for Global Equality