Please join us for a bi-partisan fireside chat on the “New Rules for Stablecoins and the Future of Payments” on July 17th at 9:00am EST.

After more than a year of negotiations, the House Financial Services Committee is set to move forward on stablecoin legislation. The bill would create new regulations for the issuance and oversight of stablecoins—one of the fastest growing digital assets in the world. With 98% of all stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, the decisions made in Washington will have global ramifications.

How do regulators in Washington see the balance between innovation and financial stability? How does Congress view digital asset frameworks emerging from the EU and Japan? What role will the US play in fostering a safe digital asset ecosystem for the global economy?

Join us on Monday, July 17th as we welcome two key members from the House Financial Services Committee to help answer these questions: Representative French Hill and Representative Jim Himes. Josh Lipsky, Senior Director of the GeoEconomics Center will moderate the conversation. Ananya Kumar, Associate Director for digital currencies at the GeoEconomics Center will present research on changes in global stablecoin regulation based on the Atlantic Council’s latest cryptocurrency regulation tracker.


Congressman French Hill
Vice Chair, House Financial Services Committee; Chair, Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion

Congressman Jim Himes
Member, House Financial Services Committee



Cryptocurrency Regulation Tracker

Cryptocurrencies may significantly alter financial structures and transform the next generation of money and payments. Governments around the world are looking to create regulations to prevent the harms caused by cryptocurrencies while encouraging the innovative capabilities of cryptocurrencies. We analyze how 45 countries have regulated cryptocurrency in their jurisdictions.

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