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In collaboration with the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

The Atlantic Council Global Energy Center and the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, looks forward to your participation in a private workshop on the role of data measurement and verification in the implementation of a carbon border adjustment mechanism. The meeting will take place via Zoom, on Thursday, February 25th, at 8:00 am EST / 10:00 pm JST. The event will feature presentations from and a discussion with Brian Flannery, visiting fellow at Resources for the Future, and another speaker to be announced soon. Please register below to receive Zoom information.

This workshop is the final of four workshops designed to bring together policymakers, academic experts, and business leaders to explore the politics and climate policies shaping Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (CBAs), assess the economic methodologies and implementation of an equitable, WTO-compliant mechanism, review the possible geopolitical and geo-economic implications of CBAs to global trade and the energy transition, and develop a network expertise to further understand and monitor the impact of the CBAs in the future.

This fourth workshop will focus its discussion on these questions and the challenges of the calculation of the embedded carbon of foreign products, with particular attention to the frameworks that can carry the burden of verification and transparency concerns. How can countries that institute a carbon border adjustment mechanism accurately assess the emissions content of imports and ensure transparency from exporters? Should a benchmark approach focus on establishing a benchmark at the product level or at the sector level? Which scopes of emissions should those benchmarks account for?

This is an off-the-record discussion and will follow the Chatham House Rule. Please register below in order to receive Zoom information.