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The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses: 
Russian Influence in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom

A conversation with: 

Dr. Marlene Laruelle
Director, Central Asia Program; Associate Director, Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Elliott School of International Affairs
The George Washington University

Mr. Neil Barnett
Chief Executive Officer
Istok Associates

Dr. Andreas Umland
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv

Dr. Mitchell Orenstein
Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute; Professor of Russian and East European Studies, Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
 University of Pennsylvania 

Dr. Péter Krekó
Fulbright Visiting Professor, Central Eurasian Studies 
Indiana University

Mr. Josh Rogin
Columnist, Global Opinions
Washington Post

Moderated by:

Dr. Alina Polyakova
Deputy Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center; Senior Fellow, Future Europe Initiative
Atlantic Council

The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses: Russian Influence in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom exposes the Kremlin’s networks of political influence in Europe’s core. Unlike in Central Eastern Europe, Moscow’s tactics in the West are purposely subtler and difficult to trace. This report documents how the Russian government cultivates relationships with ideologically friendly political parties, individuals, and civic groups to build an army of Trojan Horses across European polities. Through its network of political alliances, the Kremlin seeks to infiltrate politics, influence policy, and inculcate an alternative, pro-Russian view of the international order. Whereas the ultimate goal in Russia’s near abroad is to control the government or ensure the failure of a pro-Western leadership, in Western Europe, Moscow aims to plant seeds of discord into EU member states, destabilize European polities, and to undermine Western values, which Putin views as a threat to his grasp on power.

The Atlantic Council invites you to join us for this timely discussion with the reports’ authors Dr. Marlene Laruelle, Mr. Neil Barnett, and Dr. Alina Polyakova, who will be joined by Dr. Andreas Umland, Dr. Mitchell Orenstein, Dr. Péter Krekó, and Mr. Josh Rogin as they discuss their findings and expose “The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses.”  

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This event is open to press and on the record.