Please join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center virtually on Thursday, December 2, from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST for a discussion on growing momentum behind clean hydrogen as a decarbonization solution in the United States and beyond. This event will also launch the new book from Marco Alverà, chief executive officer of Snam, The Hydrogen Revolution. Join us to hear from key policymakers and industry leaders about the potential for hydrogen to play a key role in the energy transition and how that potential can be unlocked through policy and investment.

Clean hydrogen will play a critical role in the global energy transition, with opportunities for deployment across many industries, including into the hard-to-abate sectors of heavy industry, transportation, and buildings. Unlocking that potential, however, will require a rapid scaling of clean hydrogen production across several regions and the rapid deployment of hydrogen-compatible technologies in these industries, in addition to massive investment into hydrogen transportation and storage infrastructure. Policy and investment momentum behind the fuel has been building over the past year, with significant investment into hydrogen projects and ambitious policies laid out in Europe, the United States, and around the world. In this Atlantic Council event, industry leaders and policymakers will discuss the opportunities for hydrogen development, examine the challenges facing broad deployment, and chart a path for helping hydrogen overcome those challenges to become a key tool in the race to decarbonize the global energy system. 

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Welcoming remarks

Fred Kempe
President and Chief Executive Officer
Atlantic Council

A conversation with

Marco Alverà
Chief Executive Officer

Randolph Bell
Director, Global Energy Center, and Richard Morningstar Chair for Global Energy Security
Atlantic Council

Jillian Evanko
Chief Executive Officer
Chart Industries

Chad Holliday
Former Chairman
Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Varun Sivaram
Senior Director of Clean Energy and Innovation
Office of the US Presidential Envoy for Climate

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