Ukrainian media shows the world the true scope of Russia’s brutal invasion and occupation of their country. As Russia moves to wipe Ukraine from the map, survival of the free press is at stake. With Kremlin forces moving into Ukraine’s cities early in 2022, and bombing infrastructure including the electrical grid, broadcast media including international news organizations like Voice of America (VOA) faced substantial challenges staying on the air and reaching their audiences with news and information.

Exposed directly to the dangers of war, Ukrainian media is bravely and effectively covering all aspects of Russian aggression and communicating the stakes of the conflict to Ukrainians and international audiences. Clear, credible reporting from the Ukrainian media and international journalists is helping to combat Russian disinformation, moving to disarm one element of Moscow’s hybrid war machine, its propaganda aimed at Ukrainians and the West. These efforts began more than eight years ago when Russia launched its aggression against Ukraine in 2014 in Crimea and the Donbas.

As we approach the one year mark of Russia’s February 24, 2022 full-scale invasion, the Atlantic Council and VOA gather a panel to reflect on the essential role of Ukrainian media during the war. How have Ukrainian journalists and international reporters based in Ukraine helped shape the media coverage of Russia’s war? What support do they need to continue their important work?


Michael Bociurkiw
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Eurasia Center
Atlantic Council

Sevgil Musaieva
Chief Editor
Ukrainska Pravda

Ruslan Petrychka
Chief of the Ukrainian Service
Voice of America

Olga Rudenko
The Kyiv Independent


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