Over the past 10 days, the G7 has unveiled sweeping sanctions designed to cripple the Russian economy. From the commercial banking system to the central bank, the set of measures has raised questions about implementation, effectiveness, and the wider global impact.

An estimated $360 billion in foreign reserves is now out of reach for Putin and his government. In anticipation, the Central Bank of Russia had already reduced its exposure to dollars. Still, Governor Nabiullina is now employing unorthodox policies to maintain some supplies of western currencies and to reassure domestic lenders. Will it work? And what will be the spillovers on energy and food prices for rest of the world? 

Josh Lipsky, Director of the GeoEconomics Center will moderate a discussion with Julia Friedlander, C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow & Director of the Economic Statecraft Initiative, and Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist at Allianz SE, to discuss what the implications of these sanctions will be for the Russian and global economies.


Anders Åslund
Senior Fellow
Stockholm Free World Forum

Julia Friedlander
C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow and Director of the Economic Statecraft Initiative
Atlantic Council

Ludovic Subran
Chief Economist
Allianz SE


Josh Lipsky
Director, GeoEconomics Center
Atlantic Council

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