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Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Event recap: “REVIVING India’s informal workforce and entrepreneurs”

Overall, the pandemic transformed how we look at the needs of micro-entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, and those within the informal sector. It amplified the need to address the inequality within communities while also pushing various sectors, including commercial and non-profit, to push the boundaries on what recovery means. COVID-19 gave businesses opportunities to stand up for the most vulnerable. In doing so, the REVIVE alliance has helped set the stage for a new, resilient normal.

Event Recap by Ayra Khan

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Wed, Jun 16, 2021

REVIVING India’s informal workforce and entrepreneurs

Join the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center and Samhita's Collective Good Foundation for a conversation on what the leaders of the REVIVE Alliance have learned about creating meaningful partnerships that support the revival, resilience and prosperity of informal sector workers, with a focus on women’s livelihoods, amid the pandemic stricken economy. This conversation will be available to watch on Wednesday, June 23rd at 10 AM EST / 19:30 PM IST.

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Wed, May 26, 2021

Vyas joins 104.7 WONK-FM to discuss the ‘Together for India’ campaign

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Amita N. Vyas is a nonresident senior fellow at the South Asia Center. She is also an associate professor and director of the Maternal and Child Health Program in the Department of Prevention and Community Health at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. 

At the age of 20, Professor Vyas journeyed to Calcutta to work alongside Mother Teresa in the Missionaries of Charity. In one eye-opening summer, she saw what the social determinants of health and well-being really mean to vulnerable populations, and from that extraordinary experience decided to pursue a career in public health. Today, her work focuses on reproductive health care, adolescent health, and the health and development of immigrant children and adolescents. She is also an expert in multi-level research methods and evaluation.

Dr. Vyas continues to hold an adjunct position in the Department of Population and Family Health Sciences at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She was previously on the research faculty of that institution’s Center for Adolescent Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, where she earned its Kann-Trowbridge Award for outstanding research in the area of population and family health. Dr. Vyas’s commitment to teaching was recognized recently as she received the Morton A. Bender Teaching Award from the George Washington University.