Andrew Mack is a seasoned, innovative, multilingual international development and international business professional with more than thirty years experience in more than eighty countries around the world. A former World Bank Task team leader, banker and entrepreneur, Mack is a talented facilitator internationally-recognized for deep expertise in public-private partnership, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and technology policy. He has worked with clients including Fortune 100 corporations like Chevron, AT&T and Toyota, international development organizations, and major NGOs, plus new technology platforms.

Over the last seventeen years Mack has led AMGlobal Consulting, a specialized Washington, DC-based consulting firm focused on work with dynamic nations in Latin America and Africa, where he provided project design and implementation for partnerships, sustainable business, and technology projects.

Mack is also founder and CEO of Agromovil, a global Match-Batch-Pay platform that helps small farmers connect with new buyers, sell direct,and find optimized transport to get product to market more efficiently and become dramatically more profitable. Agromovil uses proprietary technology to help provide more visibility to small farmers, arrange optimized transport, and streamline payments. The platform is now piloting in Colombia, and hopefully soon in the United States and Tanzania.