Aparupa Sengupta is a participant in the 2024 Executive Leadership Intensive. Sengupta is a scientist and global life science security practitioner with more than fifteen years of experience across the fields of infectious disease containment and global biological risk reduction. She was named a “COVID-19 Big Cat Hero” by University of California-Merced, where she helped the community navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in her role as campus biosafety officer. At NTI | bio, she leads the Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative portfolio with the goal of reducing the global risk of a biotechnology catastrophe. Sengupta is a speaker and expert in the global biological threat reduction sector and has given numerous talks advocating the safe and secure use of emerging technologies. She is originally from India, holds a doctorate in biological sciences, an MS in molecular genetics and biotechnology from Michigan Technological University, and a MSc in biotechnology from Bangalore University, India.