Lieutenant Colonel Shu-Min “Catherine” Lin is a visiting military fellow from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, hosted by the Indo-Pacific Security Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

Her military training includes Signal Officer Basic Course, Information Officer Course, Electronic/Signal Reconnaissance Capitan Career Course in Military Intelligence School, English Preparatory Class in Language Center, National Defense University, Singapore Basic Intelligence Officer Course, and Program for Senior Officer in the National Security Bureau. Lin also participated in many rotation trainings, fire exercises, and disaster relief missions early in her career in Army signal groups. Following her assignment as company commander, she was elected as liaison officer in the International Affairs Division of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. In this role, she engaged in international affairs for nine years, during which time she visited eleven countries for work and accumulated abundant experience in intelligence and international affairs.

Lin was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She graduated from Kaohsiung Municipal Girl’s Senior High School and the Taiwan Military Academy. In her final year at the academy, she was selected to participate in visiting courses at both the US Military Academy and Norwich University. Lin holds a master’s degree in decision making from the Management College of the National Defense University.