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Wed, Jul 1, 2020

India’s China app ban heightens need for multilateral discussion on digital privacy and security

Even with other the political and economic factors at play, the decision may be a small sign of some shared ground between India and the United States when it comes to data policy.

New Atlanticist by Justin Sherman

China Digital Policy

Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Navigating the Growing Russia-China Strategic Alignment

On May 13, 2020, the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security hosted a strategy consortium with a small group of experts and officials to discuss the evolution of the Russia-China relationship and how the United States and its allies should navigate it. This paper summarizes many of the points made during this meeting. Background: The […]

Strategic Insights Memo by Stephen J. Hadley, Paula J. Dobriansky

China Politics & Diplomacy

Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Busch in The Hill: Withdrawing from the WTO would punish the US, not China

Marc Busch writes that US “unilateralism” against China is giving rise to a very different approach to trade policy more harmful to US commerce than supportive of foreign policy objectives.

In the News by Marc L. Busch

China Economy & Business

Sat, Jun 27, 2020

China’s Xi casts his vote in US elections. (Hint: it’s not for Trump or Biden)

China is creating new facts on the ground, expanding its influence across the world – from the Balkans to the South China Sea – as the United States wrestles with the myriad distractions of coronavirus, recession, racial upheavals and presidential elections. It will take a far more focused and consistent Washington, acting with greater cohesion alongside its global allies, to deter any such aspirations.

Inflection Points by Frederick Kempe

China Europe & Eurasia

Fri, Jun 26, 2020

AI, an accelerator of change?

Two digital roundtables with India brought together experts to discuss challenges, opportunities, and the geopolitics of Emerging Technologies in India.

Smart Partnerships Series by Mathew J. Burrows, Julian Mueller-Kaler

Americas China

Thu, Jun 25, 2020

Sherman quoted in Newsweek on U.S.-China cyber conflict

In the News

China Cybersecurity

Thu, Jun 25, 2020

Ullman in UPI: Korean War anniversary: Donald Trump is the new Douglas MacArthur

In the News

Korea Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Jun 24, 2020

Oh in National Interest: Why China is still needed to achieve any peace treaty with North Korea

On June 24, National Interest published an op-ed by Dr. Miyeon Oh, Director and Senior Fellow of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security’s Asia Security Initiative. On the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, Dr. Oh argues that China has an essential role to play in tackling North Korean problems.

In the News by Atlantic Council

China East Asia

Mon, Jun 22, 2020

Akhtar as a panelist with the Corporate Pakistan Group: Dialogue: China & India Standoff—What next: Implications for Pakistan, the Kashmir Movement & BRI

In the News by Atlantic Council

China Economy & Business

Thu, Jun 18, 2020

An affordable defense of Asia

US military advantages over China are steadily eroding. Therefore, in this inaugural report for Forward Defense, T.X. Hammes crafts a new strategy and corresponding operational concepts which leverage geography and emerging technology to improve the US and allied warfighting posture in Asia.

Report by T.X. Hammes

China Conflict


Thu, Jul 9, 2020

Challenging convention: Charting a course for the New American Engagement Initiative

ONLINE EVENT — Which of the assumptions guiding US foreign policy are no longer fit for purpose? How can the United States learn from past mistakes and develop more productive and responsible modes of engagement?


Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Reports Launch: Shaping the post-COVID-19 world together

ONLINE EVENT - What scenarios await us in the post-COVID-19 world? How can the international community, and the United States, find a way forward and act jointly to manage the fallout from the pandemic?