David Dorosz was born in Budapest in 1985. Besides graduating as J.D., he studied international relations. Dorosz also holds an M.B.A., which he earned in the US. He was a founding member of Hungary’s first green party and served as a Member of Parliament for four years. In 2012 Dorosz, as the second youngest in the modern history of the nation, was elected deputy leader of his parliamentary group. Later Dorosz moved to the I.T. sector and started his own business. As the co-founder of his internationally expanding digital agency, he led his company to a successful exit. In 2019 as campaign chairman he led Gergely Karácsony’s winning campaign for Mayor of Budapest – now he serves as Depuy Mayor of Budapest for Climate and Development. His articles appear regularly in the traditional and online media, including among others the New York Times, Politico and Democracy Now. His first book, an analysis of global challenges from a progressive angle, was also published in 2019. In his free time, Dorosz is an avid photographer and traveler.