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Emma Schroeder is an associate director with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, part of the the Atlantic Council Tech Programs. Her focus in this role is on developing statecraft and strategy for cyberspace that is useful for both policymakers and practitioners. She leads the team’s portfolio of work on Conflict, Tech, and Markets, examining the role of cyber and cyber-enabled technology in conflict in the physical domains, and using the market as a lens through which to understand incentives driving global patterns of insecurity. Within this portfolio of work are three central topics: Conflict in and through Cyberspace, the Proliferation of Offensive Cyber Capabilities, and Combating Cybercrime.

Schroeder is also passionate about using fiction as a tool to build bridges, both to complex topics and to other communities. She is the lead author of The Cyber Moonshot, an ongoing series of short stories from the Cyber Statecraft Initiative designed to communicate core themes and concepts in cybersecurity.

Originally from Duxbury, Massachusetts, Schroeder holds an MA in History of War from King’s College London’s War Studies Department. She also attained her BA in International Relations & History, with a concentration in Security Studies, from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.