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Dec 22, 2020

Event recap | Practical steps forward: Improving global efforts to advance digital content safety

By Henry Westerman

On Thursday, December 3, the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center and the World Economic Forum partnered to host a private roundtable under the Chatham House Rule to discuss the possible practical policies for improving digital content safety. The following notes summarize the event's discussion.

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Event Recap

Dec 7, 2020

Event recap | At the crossroads of emerging technologies and security during the pandemic

By Henry Westerman

On Thursday, December 3, the Embassy of Finland and the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center convened a partially public, partially private roundtable to discuss the impact technology on contemporary society, politics, and transatlantic relations. The roundtable sought to consider specific policy steps that could build trust in governments, corporations, and technologies alike, both in the United States and Europe, so as to overcome the numerous technological challenges of the present and issues poised for the future.

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Event Recap

Oct 22, 2020

Event recap | Data salon episode 5: Indigenous data sovereignty: opportunities and challenges

By Henry Westerman

On Thursday, October 22, the GeoTech Center hosted the fifth installment of the Data Salon Series in partnership with Accenture to discuss the challenges to achieving data sovereignty for indigenous communities. The panel featured Dr. Tahu Kukuthai, Professor of Population Studies and Demography at the University of Waikato, Dr. Ray Lovett, associate professor of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Epidemiology for Policy and Practice at Australian National University, Dr. Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear, Assistant Professor of Sociology and American Indian Studies at UCLA, and Ms. Robyn Rowe, Research Associate and PhD Candidate at Laurentian University. GeoTech Center Director Dr. David Bray moderated the panel and the discussion that followed.

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Henry Westerman was a project assistant with the GeoTech Center, having served as an intern with the team in the summer of 2020. He is a member of the Class of 2021 in the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Security. Henry has previously interned with the Library of Congress Digital Strategy team, and at the Department of State Office of Science and Technology Cooperation. Henry’s primary academic interests include geospatial analysis, emerging technologies, and digital sensemaking; he also dabbles in Spanish and Philosophy.