Iuliia Mendel currently develops and supports the strategic communication of the Government of Ukraine as a Press-Secretary/Spokesperson to the President of Ukraine. Mendel issues the Office’s reactions to developments within the country and globally, develops the relations of the Office on the international arena and personal image of the President. Earlier she planned, developed and improved the World Bank external communications in Ukraine. In this role, Ms. Mendel developed a dynamic dialogue that helped strengthen the Bank’s effectiveness. Ms. Mendel possesses more than ten years of journalism experience on TV and in print media which includes work for the New York Times, Politico Europe, the Atlantic Council, VICE, World Affairs Journal, Spiegel Online, CNBC. She contributed to internationally relevant stories such as the 70th UN General Assembly, U.S. Electoral Conventions, the French Republican Primaries. Her work for the New York Times contributed to breaking important international headline stories.