Pınar Dost is a nonresident fellow and the former deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Turkey Program, Atlantic Council IN TURKEY. A historian of international relations, her research interests are mainly focused on the fields of modern Turkish diplomatic history, US-Turkish relations, Turkish foreign policy, and migration. She has combined experience from academia and research organizations. A teacher trainer on issues such as human rights, discrimination, and history of genocides, she is specifically interested in Holocaust education with regards to different national contexts and how post-conflict societies deal with the past.

An associated researcher with the Institute of French Institute for Anatolian Studies, Dost holds a PhD and an MA on the history of international relations from Sciences Po and a BS in political science from Galatasaray University in Istanbul. Her dissertation is entitled, “The Origins of the American Preponderance in Turkey from 1939 to 1947.” She is the author of Le bon dictateur. L’image de Mustafa Kemal Atatürk en France (1939-1938) [The Good Dictator. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s Image in France] (Libra, 2014) and contributed to various books and academic journals with articles on her research areas. Dost speaks French and Turkish.