Ramzi Abunemreh is a 2023 Millennium fellow and architectural manager at Consolidated Contractors Company in Central Asia. Abunemreh led the architecture and engineering of a $1.8 billion high-rise project in Astana, Kazakhstan, the tallest building in Central Asia, by creating and implementing a digital twin building information model. Abunemreh is passionate about bridging the gap between the rapidly developing market and the educational system in Central Asia and has launched a series of lectures at universities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to promote this. He was also involved in Go-viral, a project supported by the US Diplomatic Mission in Central Asia, where he mentored young tech entrepreneurs on how to launch their startups in Uzbekistan.

As a volunteer at Global Shapers Community—Tashkent Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, Abunemreh is dedicated to driving positive change in his community. He currently holds the position of chair for the Catalyst 2030—Central Asia Chapter, spearheading efforts to drive sustainable development in the region. He graduated with a BSc in architectural engineering from Birzeit University, Palestine, and completed a disruptive strategy course from Harvard Business School.