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Wed, Feb 12, 2020

Countering misinformation in an expanding media landscape

Dr. David Bray, Director of the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center, and other expert panelists considered the changing landscape of misinformation on an episode DisrupTV hosted by Mr. R "Ray" Wang and Mr. Vala Afshar of Constellation Research.

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Thu, Jan 23, 2020

Data governance, trends, and challenges for 2020

As part of a CxOTalk episode, inaugural director of the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center Dr. David Bray and GeoTech Senior Fellow Amy Webb discuss what public and private sector leaders need to know about data for the future ahead. This discussion was prior to the COVID-19, and Dr. Bray - who had been traveling and work extensively for the planned launch of the GeoTech Center later in March - focused on why is data so Important in 2020? Both Ms. Webb and Dr. Bray highlighted the challenges of data literacy for leaders and managers, as well the challenges of national and international jurisdictions in terms of data governance.

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R “Ray” Wang (pronounced WAHNG) is the principal analyst, founder, and chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc. He’s the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View.” Wang has held executive roles in product, marketing, strategy, and consulting at institutions such as Forrester Research, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. His best selling book, Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press provides insights on why 52 percent of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000.

Wang is a prominent dynamic keynote speaker, research analyst, futurist, and industry commentator working with clients to transform their business models using exponential technologies. He’s spoken around the world at almost every tech related conference including keynotes for tens of thousands of people and intimate executive settings such as Davos. Ray’s clients include a majority of the Fortune 500 and Global 200.

Wang is a prominent dynamic keynote speaker, research analyst, futurist, and industry commentator working with clients and is well quoted in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, FoxBusiness, CNBC, Bloomberg, YahooFinance, Cheddar, CGTN, Tech Crunch, ZDNet, and Fortune. He has thrice won the prestigious Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) Analyst of the Year Award and has repeatedly been in the #1 slot in the AR Power 100 list for over ten years. Ray resides in Silicon Valley when not traveling 500,000 miles a year in the air.