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Data governance, trends, and challenges for 2020

By Atlantic Council

As part of a CxOTalk episode, inaugural director of the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center Dr. David Bray and GeoTech Senior Fellow Amy Webb discuss what public and private sector leaders need to know about data for the future ahead. This discussion was prior to the COVID-19, and Dr. Bray – who had been traveling and work extensively for the planned launch of the GeoTech Center later in March – focused on why is data so Important in 2020? Both Ms. Webb and Dr. Bray highlighted the challenges of data literacy for leaders and managers, as well the challenges of national and international jurisdictions in terms of data governance.

Ms. Webb and Dr. Bray also provide guidance on how to develop a culture that respects data privacy – as well as how should Boards of Directors relate to data and data privacy. The discussion concluded with discussing big data in healthcare, advice on big data to business leaders, and data and privacy advice to the public in 2020.

The GeoTech Center champions positive paths forward that societies can pursue to ensure new technologies and data empower people, prosperity, and peace.

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