In ‘EUCOM’s Future Force Structure,’ Kori Schake warns that EUCOM is losing the argument with the services, particularly the U.S. Army, about the importance and value of U.S. forces stationed in Europe. This Program on International Security issue brief is part of a series of five issue briefs to assess the future roles, missions and tasks of the United States European Command in the aftermath of the approval of the new NATO Strategic Concept and the initiatives launched at the November 2010 NATO summit in Lisbon. These publications are the product of a collaborative effort between the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Advisors Group and the Institute for National Security Studies at the National Defense University.

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This study brought together top minds from the United States and Europe for three workshop discussions in Washington, with the goal of producing of a series of issue papers offering recommendations for EUCOM.

The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors themselves and do not necessarily represent the views of EUCOM, the National Defense University or the Atlantic Council.

Atlantic Council – NDU INSS Issue Briefs 

  • Michel – EUCOM and NATO-EU Relations after the Lisbon Summit
  • Slocombe – Nuclear Issues for NATO After the Strategic Concept
  • Schake – EUCOM’s Future Force Structure
  • Ullman – U.S. European Command and NATO’S Strategic Concept: Post-Afghanistan and Beyond
  • Volker – Increasing Outreach, Public Understanding and Support for NATO across the Transatlantic Community  

EUCOM Workshops

  • First Workshop: The Strategic Concept’s Impact on US European Command
  • Second Workshop: The Strategic Concept’s Impact on US European Command
  • Final Workshop: The Strategic Concept’s Impact on US European Command 

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