An Innovator’s Journey: The Makings of Mexico’s Knowledge Economy
A new report by the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center highlights Mexico’s rarely-told story: a growing global hub for innovation. The paper shows a different side to Mexico, one that is not reflected in the divisive rhetoric on the bilateral relationship emanating from the United States. Instead, a deeper relationship with the new Mexico—and its first-class innovators—represents an opportunity for US business and consumers. 


The complete report is available online:

An Innovator’s Journey: The Makings of Mexico’s Knowledge Economy, written by the Arsht Center’s Nonresident Senior Fellow Arturo Franco, examines first-hand how Mexican businesses, universities, corporations, and the public sector are fostering successful innovation-friendly frameworks and policies to turn Mexico into a real knowledge-based economy. It weaves the personal stories of innovators together with analysis of public and private-sector policies designed to boost innovation.

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