In this report from the Council’s Young Atlanticist Program, five rising European leaders present their vision for a reenergized Europe that is capable of addressing new challenges in the twenty-first century and playing a positive role in global affairs.

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Recent events, from the economic and financial crisis in the Eurozone to the humanitarian crises in Libya and Syria, have underscored the inadequacy of current European policy in responding to complex challenges and ensuring a vibrant future for Europe. To develop a framework capable of meeting these challenges and revitalizing the transatlantic partnership, the authors advocate for greater European economic, political, and military integration, along with action on climate change, more open immigration policies, and an overhaul of social security structures in Europe. In proposing these and other recommendations, the report calls for a pragmatic assessment of Europe’s current trajectory and a renewed debate on its future.

Muddassar Ahmed is founding chief executive of Unitas Communications Ltd. in London; Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is director of The Concordia Forum and founding executive director of the UK-based Institute for Policy Research & Development; Dustin Dehez is senior analyst in peace and security at the Global Governance Institute in Brussels; Spela Kranjc is a teaching assistant and researcher at the University of Ljubljana; and Ivo Sobral is editorial advisor for the Portuguese Institute of International Relations and an adviser for the Ministry of National Defense in Lisbon. Four of the authors attended the 2012 Young Atlanticist Summit held alongside the NATO Summit in Chicago.