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In the News September 17, 2019

America’s foreign policy needs more than a replacement for John Bolton

By Atlantic Council

With John Bolton leaving the White House, chances are the next national security advisor will not be a cheerleader for launching a war just as his or her boss is trying to get re-elected. But how much “do no harm” is laudable? If U.S. fortunes are to improve over the long term, the country needs more than a yes-man. Trump and strategy have so far proven to be contradictory terms. However war-averse the president and his new national security advisor are in the near term, the administration has been laying the groundwork for a longer-term cold war with China and Russia, too.

For The Hill, Dr. Mathew Burrows, Director of the Atlantic Council’s Foresight, Strategy and Risks Initiative, and his Research Associate Julian Mueller-Kaler look at increasing Sino-US tensions, economic decoupling efforts, and the emergence of a new Cold War on technology.

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