The Washington Post featured remarks made by the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. James Winnefeld Jr. in its coverage of the Atlantic Council’s annual conference, The United States and Global Missile Defense:

The United States is considering deploying more regional missile-defense systems in the Pacific to counter North Korea, the Pentagon’s second-ranking officer said. Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr. said that as the United States faces an era of declining budgets, it is likely that Washington will increasingly rely on its allies to protect themselves from the threat of ballistic missiles. But he highlighted the deployment last year of a U.S. Army battery manning an advanced missile-defense system in Guam and left open the possibility that the United States may make similar moves in the future.


Winnefeld’s remarks, delivered at the Atlantic Council’s global missile-defense conference in Washington, came a little more than one year after the Obama administration announced a $1 billion expansion to its missile-defense program to counter the possibility of a nuclear attack by North Korea using intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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