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In the News August 28, 2020

Crisis innovation through data trusts: Dr. David Bray

By Atlantic Council

To face the challenges of the future, our society needs better tools to make sense of the vast oceans of data being collected around the world. But, perhaps even more importantly, we need to develop methods for harvesting and making use of data that all the while protect individual identity and preserve privacy, especially in a world where Artificial Intelligence will be doing much of the heavy analysis In conversation with Ernst and Young’s Jeff Saviano, Dr. David Bray, Director of the Geotech Center, spoke about Data Trusts as a potential solution to these challenges.

 Major global crises like COVID-19 have proven how understanding data quickly and effectively will be essential to our survival; and, to meet that necessity, artificial intelligence will be key. However, without intentional choices to put people at the center of how we collect and manage data, artificial intelligence could spell the end of open societies, replaced instead with surveillance states or surveillance capitalism. “If companies or countries want to succeed in the next decade, we’ve got to figure out a way to do data with people, not to people,” Dr. Bray explained. 

Listen to the whole interview on Apple Podcasts below to hear more about the GeoTech mission and Dr. Bray’s vision for Data Trusts.

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