Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Foresight and democracy during a period of growing polarization, turbulence, and misinformation

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Related Experts: David Bray, PhD, Linton Wells II, PhD,

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On April 23, 2020, Sheila Ronis, Leon Fuerth, Lin Wells, and David Bray held a live virtual roundtable titled “Foresight and Democracy During a Period of Growing Polarization, Turbulence, and Misinformation.”

The discussion centered around the last decade of increasingly polarized, hyper-partisan politics in the United States and abroad, as well as the challenges of misinformation and weaponized information attacks and overarching turbulence in the world that present difficult challenges in particular for open societies. With the added challenges of the COVID-19 response and long-term global recovery, open societies need to find ways of sustained measured public discourse and collaborations instead of being driven to irreconcilable differences.

Hyper-partisan politics risk further damaging the United States and other open societies. How can we sustain measured public discourse and collaborations instead of being driven to irreconcilable differences?

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