Platts McGraw Hill Financial features Chairman of the Atlantic Council Energy Advisory Committee and Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Nonresident Senior Fellow David Goldwyn‘s paper “Mexico’s Inaugural Bid Round: What Happened and What’s Next?” in an article on how observers are waiting for Mexico to allay concerns over oil and gas bidding rounds:

Meanwhile, in a paper prepared for the Atlantic Council last week analyzing Mexico’s first bid round, David Goldwyn, Chairman of the Council’s energy advisory group, and his associate Cory Gill, noted the country’s finance ministry set minimum profit shares of 25% on five of the 14 blocks and 40% on nine blocks — which for all but the two most competitive tracts appeared “too high relative to [their] limited resource potential.”

But the two most competitive blocks attracted offers much higher than the minimum bids, the analysts noted. In other cases, had the minimum been set as little as 5% lower, “the blocks would have been sold” and the government would have ended up with something rather than nothing in those cases, they added.

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