On June 17, Task & Purpose covered Kelly Grieco’s recent article in War on the Rocks with Col. Maximilian Bremer (USAF) explaining why the war in Ukraine suggests the future of air warfare is denial. 

“There’s an old sports cliché that offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships — and the U.S. Air Force may learn a thing or two from seeing it play out in the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” wrote David Roza, the article’s author. “That’s because Ukraine, despite having a smaller, lower-tech air force than Russia, has managed to keep Russian aircraft largely out of the country through the clever use of mobile anti-aircraft missile launchers and their knowledge of the terrain, according to a recently-published essay by airpower experts.

“This development, plus the widespread proliferation of small, cheap drones and precision strike capabilities, should serve as a wake-up call for Air Force leaders who have spent billions of taxpayer dollars on a small number of high-end manned aircraft they hope can achieve air superiority in America’s next war.”

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