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In the News February 27, 2020

Hamburg as barometer: What’s happening in German politics?

By Atlantic Council

Recent regional elections have served as a barometer for the political parties on the national level and offer insights ahead of the planned 2021 federal election. High voter turnout in Hamburg suggests that citizens are engaged and are paying attention to the issues. Reason enough to discuss how the Volksparteien performed in Hamburg and whether the parties can adapt to the new post-modern social cleavages, following cultural and identity issues; if the Alternative for Germany’s lack of appeal suggests an east-west or rural-urban divide; and how growing support for the Greens could play out at the national level.

For the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Atlantic Council Resident Fellow Julian Mueller-Kaler joins AICGS’ Jeff Rathke and Eric Langenbacher for a new episode of the Zeitgeist, a podcast focused on Germany, the United States, and the transatlantic relationship.

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